The gift of sight is arguably our most precious sense and yet millions of people worldwide are effectively blind through a simple lack of spectacles.  Morgan-Owen & Coates enthusiastically supports the work of the pioneering eye care charity Vision Aid Overseas in addressing this desperate need.

By collecting your old spectacles we can recycle them to raise funds for use in Africa.  Every year Graham Coates volunteers his time and expertise to help on one of the overseas projects.  He is always happy to provide further information and help with fundraising for this life changing charity.

Vision Aid Overseas

Click on the following images and scroll through the stories to gain an insight into the work of VAO. They depict a days screening at Omni school, Ndola, Zambia and the help provided to a Biology teacher at Ambergiorgis primary school, Ethiopia.

Click on the images below to see photos of his most recent trips, the latest being to Livingstone, Zambia, in August 2016.

Burkina Faso 2007

Ethiopia 2009

Philippines 2009

Zambia 2010 & 2011

Uganda 2012

Zambia 2013

Zambia 2014

Ethiopia 2015

Zambia 2016

Sierra Leone 2017